Monday, October 20, 2014

A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home

My little darling when he was six months old!

When I was in college, my niece was born. Very soon, she won over us all and became the reigning queen in our house. The whole house would become a happy place when she was awake and smiles were dominant on every face.
While she was in her sixth month, she came down with chicken pox and the whole house was twenty-four hours on alert until she became alright. That was my first encounter when an unhealthy child turned the home atmosphere unhappy.

I remember how my father used to carry me around when I was down with fever when I was small. I was a normal healthy child and I didn’t have any chronic disease as many other children of my generation. My father was a doctor and he took good care of our health. Whenever an epidemic was spreading, he instructed us to take precautions and gave us preventive medicines.

Now I am a mother and every time my son becomes sick, my heart thuds like mad. I am the worrier and my husband calms me down. We hover over him like protective angels and until he recovers, every precaution is taken and medicines given as prescribed by the doctor. We browse online for foods to be avoided and food that can be given.

I keep a note on things that might make him sick. An ice-cream late at night surely invited a bout of cold and cough. If we sent him to school when he had not fully recovered from a minor illness, he would take more time to recover from it. So we never send him to school when he is having even a slight cold.
When he was two years old, he got chicken pox and that one month was like hell. Sleepless nights! Both my husband and I had to carry him around as he refused to sleep on bed. As it was April, we had a regular supply of watermelons, which luckily he liked and ate. He refused all other food. Only homoeo medicines were given to him. He recovered from it within two weeks and was back being the happy child that he normally is. Our home again became a happy place with his sound of laughter.

Only another mother can understand the tension when a mother finds that her kid has fallen sick. No matter how strained the relation, even after her kids grow up, a mother still sees the little kid of hers in the grown up person. I have seen my mother fussing over me and my mother in law fussing over my husband. A mother always remains a mother.

I can understand now why my mother used to get tense when any of us were down with any sickness. How the presence of a sick child at home made the whole house gloomy. I now understand how parents become super humans who don’t need sleep when their kids fall sick.

I now understand that more than those medicines that they give, it is their love that make their kids recover from any illness.

I now understand that healthy food and hygiene are the best doctors in the world. May all the children of the world lead a healthy life! May god give their parents a happy home!

A home that is brightened by the presence of their happy and healthy child.

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