Saturday, October 11, 2014

Newton's first law and the Seasons!

I am a person who loves Newton’s laws of motion. They make sense completely. Especially the first law- the law of inertia.

“An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force,”it says!
The ‘object’ mentioned in the law is me. Completely ME.

Unless an external force, often in the form of a scheming husband or a mischievous son, makes me get up from my seat in front of my computer, I will remain seated until I grow roots.
Unless the same external forces push me out of the bed on cold cozy mornings, I would love to sleep all day.
Unless these external forces irritate me by whining for food, I would never enter my kitchen.

But, But, But. Like every coin has two sides, I doesn’t like to apply this law in some cases- especially in the case of seasons. I don’t like summers- they are too hot to my liking and wilts my favorite plants mercilessly. I can’t wait it to pass. I wish then the external forces arrive and take it away soon.
I don’t wish for any of the other seasons to change. They can exist for as long as they want. There are two favorite seasons for me. Winter and Spring.

I especially love winters. I love the snow. Though people love to associate winter with its lack of warmth, its coldness, I personally love the winter energy. It is a time I love to spend delving deeper into my personal dreams. Somehow, I am more creative during winter. I love winter months, maybe it is because I was born during the winter season. I love wearing the warm clothes, the mufflers and even mittens. I haven’t lived in a place where it snows during winter. It is one of my cherished dreams. I want to live in a place, which looks like a Christmas postcard, complete with snowy landscapes where everything is white all around. In a house with a real fireplace where I can sit in front of the fire reading my favorite books. Or where I can sit near my loved ones and chat for long. And then there Christmas would arrive, with its colourful Christmas trees, seasonal foods, cakes, bells, gifts and lots of love from family and friends. I would love to make snowmen. Lots of them. I would love to be involved in a snow-ball-fight. Ha- how fun it would be!

Reader, are you from such a place?! I envy your luck.:) :)

Then there is Spring, which is a treat for the eyes. Flowers make me come alive with their scents, colour and charm. Spring urges me to transform, leave behind my lethargy and look out for new beginnings. Spring is the time for a fresh beginning. Like the earth, I want to leave behind the old clutters and start everything anew. 

I leave you with a few quotes.



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