Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yummy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast has been proved as the most essential meal during the day for an individual. It makes the body function healthily after the long fasting period during the night. If it is light and nutritious, the better we feel.

I confess- making breakfast is the job that I hate most. I always dream that I had someone at home who would cook breakfast, I could eat it and rejuvenate myself. But alas, at my home I am the only cook. I have to cook for the three of us and we don’t share the same love for the common breakfast items. The breakfast I like most, my son would not touch. The ones my husband likes, my son or I won’t like. So it is always compromise when it comes to breakfast. My son being the youngest almost always gets his wish fulfilled.

On Sundays when I feel lazy, we order breakfast from outside and that means unhealthy food. Oily food often leaves me lethargic throughout the day. I prefer simple foods for breakfast. South Indian food from outside often come loaded with oil and spices. I get sick most times.

Kellogg’s cornflakes is a blessing for mummies, working women and of course, all bachelors who are away from home. When I first heard about the Kellogg’s Wale Guptaji, I couldn’t wait to taste their breakfast. Mrs Gupta is rumoured to make yummy breakfast using Kellogg’s corn flakes. She has the help from her chef bhaiyya Ajay who helps her come up with innovative breakfast ideas.

Pouring milk over a bowl of cornflake was my only breakfast idea until now. When I visited their YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia, my eyes popped out with happiness. They have so many recipe videos.

Check out five of them here.
  1. Honey Nuts cornflakes ( Chup karane wala nashta)
  2. Cheesy corn flakes (Line pe lane wala nashta)
  3. Coconut cornflakes laddos ( Best tiffin wale nashta)
  4. Cornflakes fruity Yoghurt cup ( Smile wala nashta)
  5. Cornflakes Jelly Shake (Kellog's wala nashta)

See the tag line she has come up for each recipe. Cute, right?

My son is such a fussy eater and I always worry about how he will get the nutrients that are so necessary during the growing up phase. He likes cornflakes and I believe I can use these recipes to create yummy breakfasts and snacks for him. I can take a sigh of relief.
Mrs Gupta is supposed to have created 100 yummy recipes using cornflakes. My god, I can’t wait to have breakfast at their home. Kellogg’s is updating their channel with newer recipes every day. As cornflakes is a healthy breakfast item, I can also adopt many of these for the whole family. I like experimenting in my kitchen and the recipes that are already shared are so easy to make and yet tasty and very healthy.
When we have a ready bunch of such yummy recipes available online, why should we even hesitate? We often have corn flakes stored at home. And the ingredients of the recipes are items that are readily available in almost every household.
So what are you waiting for, visit the Gupta’s and find out their reason for happiness.

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