Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Love Vs Destiny Book Review

A story full of dreams, love, destiny, confession, vengeance or say something beyond LOVE... Unlike sadness and happiness, LUCK ain't a feeling. It's just a notion. An unstable notion. A moment of sadness can never become a happy memory, and a moment of happiness can never become a sad memory. But that's not the case with luck - a moment of bad luck might eventually become a good memory for you, because YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN A BAD LUCK IS SAVING YOU FROM SOMETHING WORSE.

Confusingly amorous Aryan, a guy besotted with daydreaming. 
Super snobby Tanvi, an ardent crush of Aryan.
Sublimely angelic Parina, Tanvi's sister who loves Aryan.
And the bad...bad boy Varun, the secret lover of Parina.

Giggly desires and deeds of adolescence. Strokes of Jealousy and Dire storms of Society. Confidential phone calls. Smiles and Tears. Loneliness and Companionship. Despairs and Hopes. And over and over again, THE STRANGE GAME OF LIFE... 
...remember after every autumn, the flora senses the rapturous kiss of cheerful spring.

About the Author:

Atul Purohit (Born 21st April, 1991) is the founder & CEO of Write India Publishers and the compiler of 'The Unbreakable You' (An anthology of 27 unbreakable stories.) He was born and brought up at Ahmedabad. He completed his in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Rajasthan Technical University, where he tried his hand at writing for the first time. He went on to satisfy his creativity instincts and penned down his own love story. He strongly believes in entertainment, activism and knowledge. He is also a prolific blogger, and ethical hacker. He loves playing Snooker & Volleyball.


Often books give insight into the personality of the author, as unconsciously every author puts a part of him/ her into the book. But what if the book is a fictionalised memoir of the author’s life? It becomes more interesting. Because truth is often stranger than fiction.

Atul Purohit pens down his own love story in an endearing manner. There are no heavy words to grab your attention, no grandiose metaphors or anything to show off verbosity of the author. It is written from the heart and hence touches the reader’s heart. Through the pages, you read about the various stages in the life of the young boy. From the darkness of his childhood where he studied at a boarding away from home to the pleasant love affair that he develops with a girl in his neighbourhood, everything is told in a language that is simple yet it keeps you turning pages.

In an age where lust rules than love, this simple love story about two true lovers was like a fresh breath of air for me.

The language itself is simple and the narration is very vivid with day today happenings in the life of the narrator Aryan. His fears, his insecurities, his dreams all have been written about. The beliefs and traditions of Rajastani and Gujarati Families, the festivals, the Dhandiya, everything finds mention in this book, which talks about the conflict between love and destiny.

Does Aryan succeed in finding true love in Parina? Or does destiny throw them apart? Read this novel to know more.


  1. Looks like a masala mix in the story. :)
    Thanks for the review.

  2. Yes Indrani. It is written to cater to the youth of the current generation. :)