Sunday, March 22, 2015

Seven Shades of Happiness

Happiness is the first review of your book

Happiness is your passion
Happiness is when your work is appreciated. Happiness is also when we follow our passion.
Happiness is when readers take time to give their reviews to stories that I have written. Happiness is when a friend takes time to read your 60K manuscript, writes in long hand a review about it on paper, takes a photo of it and post it in your Facebook inbox. Happiness is also when a short story you were writing attains denouement after giving you headaches for days together.

Happiness is your kid
Happiness also comes visiting when my son is appreciated by his teachers and is acknowledged to be a star among other kids. Happiness is when while asleep he turns to me, hugs me tight and whispers that I am the best mom in the world and that he loves me.
Happiness is also when he tells everyone around that his mom is his best friend and that his father and mother is his world. Happiness is when he comes and hugs me randomly. Happiness is when he welcomes me back with a bright smile after I have been away from home for long.

Happiness is cooking for family
Happiness is when a dish that you make turns out tasty and the whole family devour it as though it is the tastiest dish in the world. Happiness is when you can feed home cooked food for your family that has all your love added to it.

Happiness is in Compassion
Happiness is when there is safety in your surroundings, when you can trust people. Happiness is also when you find people doing random acts of kindness and then refuses to take the credit for it. Happiness is when strangers pitch in to bail you out of a difficult situation.

Happiness is beauty of nature
Happiness is in that elusive sight of a bright moon during a cloudy night. Happiness is rain on parched earth. Happiness is also the smell of freshly baked cakes. Happiness is in the song of a merry bird. Happiness is in the dew that lingers on flowers on a happy morning.Happiness is watching the sunrise from my balcony.

Me with Preeti Shenoy, My favourite author

Happiness is books and authors:
Happiness is when there is plenty of books to read. Happiness is ordering that book from flipkart that you have been dying to read.
Happiness is when your favourite author becomes your friend. Happiness is when you meet your favourite author in person. Happiness is when you come to know that the person is as awesome in real life as well. Happiness is clicking a selfie with your favourite author.Happiness is listening to her talk about her writing journey. Happiness  is having your question answered by her.

Happiness is family:
Happiness is when your husband encourages you to pursue your dreams and lends helping hand in pursuit of it. Happiness is when your siblings achieve success. Happiness is when your mother calls and talks for long about things that you have long forgotten. Happiness is talking long into the night with your sister discussing random things and laughing your heart out.

Happiness is always in finding random things to be happy about.

What are the things that make you happy?

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