Saturday, March 21, 2015

Six Habits We Can Learn From Kids

My son busy playing

(I was invited to contribute to the website, recently. This is my second article for them.)

Children can teach us many things. Usually we learn many of our virtues once we become a parent. We learn to be patient, we learn to be better cooks and we learn to multi task. But there are habits that are unique to kids that will help us become better human beings. Let me list six of them.

1)  To be happy in the moment:

Kids are always happy and find ways to remain so. They can play with their LEGO blocks for hours together without getting bored. They can play ball with their friends, unmindful of time or weather. Once we grow up, we learn to become the worriers, the strategists who will always live either ruing over the past, which is gone or worrying about a future, which has not yet come.

2)  Try, Try, Try again:

Have you ever seen a kid who stops playing a game because he/she is not good at it? They persist until they succeed. They have this unique gift of remaining focussed on their item of interest that they will try to master it repeatedly. We can take a leaf out of their book to learn this.

3)  To look at new things with enthusiasm

Kids like to experiment with new things, and show a unique enthusiasm. Every change is interesting for them. Take them to a new shop, mall or park they look around with enthusiasm. They look forward to meet new friends, play at a new park and adjust to things like ducks to water. We grownups worry over every single change that we have to face. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn this virtue from them?

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  1. Very much Rightly said.... Children learn a lot in their lives thru' these qualities.... Nice Post!