Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Love, Rotis and a pinch of Wisdom from a mother

Dear Son,

Hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits and health.
You might be surprised to find an email from your mom. But something told me to write to you; that you need to hear from me today.

It was indeed one of the best evenings that your father and I spent when you visited us with your new wife yesterday. Rest assured, we liked her immensely. I could see that both of you are very much in love and that makes me happy. May your love grow every moment!

Now to mention the reason for writing this letter. I don’t know whether you remember, but during dinner, you cracked a joke about the shapeless rotis that Lavanya makes. We all laughed and your father laughed the loudest. There were tears of laughter in the eyes of your father and there were tears in the eyes of your wife too. I can assure you that her tears were not of mirth, they were tears of mortification, of shame brought about by the innocuous joke that you cracked.

I guess that joke was the reason why we heard raised voices coming from your room yesterday night and the reason why Lavanya appeared puffy eyed in the morning. May be, she cried all night.

Son, I want to tell you something. I love shapeless rotis. They bring back many fond memories. They remind me of the shapeless rotis made by my father on certain Saturday mornings, when mother had extra duty in her office. They lacked salt, were hard like rock and were shaped like various continents. But his love for us compensated for all that it lacked.

Shapeless rotis also bring memories of those days when your father turned into my cook. It was in those early days of pregnancy while I was carrying you. I couldn’t bear the smell of spices or rice or anything cooking. Your father would churn out shapeless rotis and experimental curries, which tasted quite good, because he wanted to provide home cooked food for his wife and unborn child. His care and affection made those rotis priceless.

Do you remember how you used to insist to help me while I prepared rotis when you were around four years old? You would play with the dough and create various shapes that you wanted to be cooked and served to all. I can tell you, those were the tastiest rotis that I ever ate.

Words are all we need to create a world of love. Yet, a thoughtless word is enough to destroy that world.

You and Lavanya are equally qualified, you both even earn equal wages. You both have spent equal number of years educating yourself to be the professionals that you are. But you expect Lavanya to become the perfect cook and home maker from the moment you married her! How unreasonable that is?

Rahul, no new wife wants to be ridiculed in front of her in-laws. Trust me, I can tell you that. Been there, done that. She craves to be loved by them and she expects her husband’s support in her effort at endearing herself to them.

Teething troubles in marriages are often capable of draining out the love you have for each other. Be there for her while she adapts herself into your world. A small token of appreciation and open support is all that she would need.
You are my beloved son and I know you have learnt to see the brighter side of things. Value love more than any other thing, because son, perfectly round rotis are often machine made. They lack the most essential ingredient of love.

Yours loving mother.



  1. wow, absolutely beautiful : )

  2. Very moving. How true, Preethi!
    The right message put across beautifully. Everyone ought to read this.
    Sharing this with all :)

    1. thank you Anita. Glad that you agree with this message.

  3. Memories attached with shapelessness are sweeter than the shapes.

  4. That's a beautiful message that you are sending across, Preethi. I wish all mother in laws were like this!