Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Birth of a Writer

It was during one of the most traumatic periods in the life of my family that the writer in me was born. We had lost our dear father and we all were in denial about the loss. We couldn’t believe that the person who was our pillar of strength, the sunshine of our lives was no more.

I tried to distract myself by painting. I created more than 40 Acrylic paintings within a span of two months. The pain remained. Colours were not enough to drown out the pain. My health suffered, I was frustrated and sad.

I read about the law of Attraction, how negative thinking brought episodes in one’s life that are more negative . I read about the ability of words to erase pain, to bring about change in individuals and helping them to move on. I wrote in journals initially. But I knew, I had to distract myself from reality and had to create a parallel world where it was all rosy around, where positivity and happiness reigned.

This Blog was born to fulfil those very needs. I write positive stories, positive poems and articles on the effects of positive thinking which I had adopted. Undeniably, my world changed. Words began to work their magic. From being just a stay-at-home-mom who was once a busy Civil Engineer, I became a published Author, an Editor and an Artist. 

I use my paintings on my Blog as add-ons to illustrate my stories. Though people want to buy my paintings, I have not sold any till date. I have gifted them, but I can’t put a price on my creativity.

Until now, two of my stories have appeared in print, in the Second Life Anthology and Blank Space. Many others were published on online platforms and magazines like womensweb.in, Writer’sEzine and Readomania. My novel is about to be published this year too. I also contribute articles to online portals.

Blogging circuit brought me new contacts and I was requested to step in as an editor for two Anthologies. One was Blank Space and the other will be published shortly. I write stories regularly on my blog and have a set of regular readers who appreciate my stories. I met many with whom I vibe well with and also found people who inspire me with their word, their work and their enthusiasm towards life.

Another significant change happened when I entered into the Game of Blogs competition. The challenge was to write a novel along with your team of 10 bloggers within three weeks. We struggled to decide on a story-thread, we debated, we wrote thousands of words every day, edited and met deadlines effectively. Among thirty teams, our team emerged as the Winner. Leadstart Publishing will publish our Novella this year.

What started as a desperate attempt to get over a traumatic loss has transformed itself into a career for me. I have become serious about writing and I try to learn more about it daily. I read more. I update myself with the best writers and their books and follow them online to get inspiration.

All this, I believe, is because I am my father’s daughter. He always was a champion at overcoming obstacles and challenges. This March 19, it will be four years that he left us. But daily I find inspiration from his life, his words and his positivity.
Still tears blind me when I write about him, but these tears make me strong.

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  1. I am sure he is looking at you mam..

    and true i find positiveness whenever i get to come and read a post here ..

    my best wishes ..


  2. Thank you Bikram. I am sure he is keeping an eye on me always. :)

  3. Your father sounds like quite the go-getter. And I'm sure he's very proud of your and all your achievements. Hats off to you, Preethi.

  4. He was a go- getter Sid. Thank you.