Friday, March 31, 2017

People Who Make the World a Better Place

Often, it is not the one who is sitting on the throne that brings about change in a country. It is the minions who work at the grass root level who are the causative agents for all the changes that happen in this world.

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Yet, we forget them conveniently and all the praise gets garnered by the politicians and the top brass in any community. 

The daily wage workers who sweep our streets, takes away our garbage and toils in the hot sun at construction sites and farms make this world better place. We usually forget them conveniently.

Among us, some do recognize this and treat them with dignity. The old lady who lives on the ground floor of our apartment always keeps a plateful of food to feed the municipality worker who comes to empty our garbage bin in the morning.

There are also those who take care of the homeless and the street animals. There is a house in the block next to ours which is a shelter for all street dogs.

The owners of the house, keep their gates open and at any given time there would be at least ten street dogs relaxing in their compound.

I have seen this man who distributes blankets to the homeless in the streets during the bitter cold season in Bangalore. 

The man who lives in the apartment on the opposite street feeds crows daily in the evening. The ruckus created by the crows are not out of greed, but of happiness. 

He gives them small pieces of dried coconut. Crows by nature are very suspicious creatures. But, they trust him completely and he is their friend. Every evening, while the rest of the birds are returning home after their daily wandering, I see a large flock of crows flying towards this man’s terrace.

Yet another news story that impressed me recently was about a Bengaluru MBBS student who drives an autorickshaw after his classes to fund a charity at the hospital he studies, which takes care of medical bills of poor patients. 

Source: ScoopWhoop

His father died early in life and his elder brother is paralyzed. He has two young sisters. The autorickshaw was a gift to him from the hospital superintendent for passing his exams with good marks. You can read his story here.

All these stories convince me that there is definitely goodness left in this world. The media shares such stories but it gets drowned in the negativity that floods it.

Do you have any such story to share? I would love to hear them.

 Linking this post with We Are The World Blog Fest, aiming to infuse social media with all the good stories that are out there, the stories that show kindness, compassion, hope and the resilience of the human spirit.  


  1. Especially in this day and age, the act of giving selflessly is most essential just to maintain the basic tenets of compassion. A very good example.

    1. Yes, giving selflessly is such an energy inducing act. So much positivity it brings in. Thanks for reading, Roshan.

  2. This is a good initiative. I don't think everyone can do what the MBBS student is doing. In the present world, we have become too self centered to care about even our own in some cases. Hats off to such people!

  3. What a lovely heart-warming post.

  4. Thanks for sharing the kindness of these people. I'm convinced that good works in this world outweigh the bad, although media focuses on the bad. Through WATWB and the giving acts of ourselves and others, we can start to change the atmosphere and negative thinking of the world. If you have the opportunity to speak to the people in your post, please tell them "thank you" for me.

    1. Exactly. The media focuses on the bad. I stopped watching or reeading news since long. I filter my social media feed too. People are kind.
      Thank you for reading, Mary Giese.

  5. I love the way you have talked about the good people of ordinary and everyday tasks. It is refreshing to see someone notice the little good that is around us all the time. Thanks for sharing in our Blogfest Simon’s Still Stanza #WATWB

  6. Such people indeed keep that beacon of hope alive in me and allows me to regain my faith in humanity!

  7. I often see such individuals here in Pune and Sindhudurg. I come with the same approach and help dogs in need especially stray dogs who can never eat good food. Me and hubby wait and feed them some healthy glucose biscuits.
    Loved reading your take on making this world a better place to live :)
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa