Monday, March 13, 2017

The Dinner

The corner table beside the aquarium had been booked for four by a Mr.Sharma. Must be a family outing.

This, a family restaurant in central Kolkata, had always been my dream. I had sacrificed many things to attain this.

 Love among others. Saurav and I had wanted different things from life. 

He wanted marriage while I wanted to become a chef. I had gone off to culinary school. 

He had married someone hastily to punish me.

Very soon, Mr. Saurav Sharma and his wife walked in accompanied by their twins. 

He looked careworn. Clearly, not the man I had loved.

Word Count: 100

This post is part of Friday Foto Fiction being hosted by Tina and Mayuri 
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  1. Good for both of them I will say :)
    Lovely short one Preethi :)

  2. Wow! I wasnt expecting this! Awesome Preethi! Your tale weaving is just superb! I am a fan!

  3. I read a similar story in my childhood. The man refused to marry the lady due to dowry issue. Several years later she saw him in the same bus in which she was travelling.

    1. A very common story in the modern era I guess. Women are more career oriented these days.

  4. in a way good for them, the one who doesn't support the woman can atleast spare them to realize their dream.

  5. This image is actually of a fine dining restaurant in Kolkata!

    1. I got the idea for the story after seeing the image label :)