Tuesday, March 28, 2017

5 Kitchen Products I Love

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In my home, the kitchen is where only I can rule. I spend hours daily, cooking and cleaning for the family.
There are many products appliances that I really love in my kitchen. If asked to choose among them, I would select the following without much ado.

Prestige Grill-Toaster:

I purchased this using the winning coupons from the Game of blogs conducted by Blogadda. It is my savior during many hectic evenings where my fussy eight-year-old demands something yummy. A few slices of vegetables, cheese, and bread gets grilled and toasted to perfection within minutes. It vanishes from the plate within seconds. It is very compact and user-friendly.

LG Oven:

I am a reluctant baker. But I love making cakes on special occasions. The rich chocolate cake I make is a hit among my relatives and friends. I love it when the aroma of the cake wafts through the house. I use it also to cook one pot meals during emergencies. I have been using it since the last six years with zero complaints. 


Borosil Mixing bowls:

These lovely bowls come handy when making cakes, biriyani or other special dishes. Whenever I take these out, my family immediately guesses that some special item is going to be on the menu. Good to mix cake batter, marinating and also serving.

Pigeon Induction Cooktop:

This is another one of my saviors. All my cookers are induction type and hence my cooking gets over quickly. An LPG gas cylinder lasts over six months for me as I use it only to make tadkas, deep frying, dosas or other slow cooking items. Its timer helps me set the time to cook boiled eggs, veggies, noodles and other special items that have specific time requirements. It doesn't use too much electricity and increase our electricity bills. I use this to boil water for bathing. We don't use geyser anymore.


La Opala dinner set:

This is something which brings in nostalgia. When asked to select a dinner set, I had gone for La Opala as this reminds me of home. I even searched for the exact design that we have at home. Was not successful, though. My husband jokes that even rasam-rice tastes yummier when served on these white pristine plates. 



  1. I also love Borosil mixing bowls. And cant think of life without a microwave now. All are my favourites too. Thanks for linking up with #MMM :)

    1. Good to know that. Mommies need a good old oven always. :)

  2. I use all of these but no induction yet.I cook a lot on my air fryer and microwave too .Borosilicate mixing bowls are perfect.Loved your list.

    1. Thank you for writing with us for #Thankful Thursdays. It's always a pleasure visiting your blog

    2. Thank you for reading Amrita. It is a pleasure to write for #TT.

  3. I am also a borosil fan. Now heading to buy Grill Toaster. This is something i am eyeing since many days.