Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tulips using nylon sock: Tutorial

Cream Tulips using nylon sock:Tutorial

A Nylon Sock Tulip

Thought of posting a tutorial on making nylon sock Tulips today.

It is pretty easy once you get the idea of how to make a single petal.

For making this, the materials we need are:


Nylon sock : Cream and Green color
Two empty bottles of slightly different diameter : ( I took 5 cm and 6cm dia bottles respectively to loop the wire around to create petals and leaves)
Cutting Plier
Nylon Thread
Metal Wire : Gold Colour
Flower tape: Green

All these material will be available in craft shops.

First wind the gold wire on the bottles to form loops and tie them tight using a plier.

Gold Wire Loops

Make 3 smaller petals using 5 cm dia bottle and three  larger petals by looping around the 6 cm dia bottle. For the 2  green leaves loop around the two bottles kept side by side together so that you get a larger loop.
Add a central connecting wire

For the 3 bigger petals and the 2 leaves,give a central connecting wire as shown in the above picture using the cutting plier. This central wire is important to give the shape to the Tulip.

Wrap the sock around wire petal
Now wrap around the 6 petals with cream nylon sock and the 2 leaf petals with green sock and tie them up using the nylon thread.

Anthers fixed on the stem

Now twist three 15 cm long wires and tie them together. Wind the green flower tape to create a stem. Now tie the Anthers onto the stem with nylon thread.

Tie the petals upside down

Now tie the 3 larger petals upside down followed by the 3 smaller petals.
It will look like this after tying like this.
Petals tied upside down

Now slowly pull them up one by one bringing the shape of the Tulip like this.
Pull the petals up

Tie the leaves  in a similar manner on the stem at different positions and gently shape the petals and leaves like this.
Add the leaves 

Now wind the flower tape around the leaves to hide the thread.

You are done!!!

Make many to make a bouquet.

Or give it pride of place on your dining table as a single flower arrangement...!!!

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