Friday, July 5, 2013


" Expectations" A digital drawing I did with photoshop 

A small poem I wrote ...

I have this thing with dreams,
I simply don't know why...
All night I toss about in my dreams...
And watch myself cry...

What is it with dreams?
Lost is my love and so are you. 
All day I think about those dreams,
the ones in which I beheld you.

Some say one dies a bit with every sad dream,
I don't know then how I am still alive.
Dreams are all but dreams,
but they make me come alive.

Will I see you only in my dreams?
Will you stay with me this time?
Ah my love, promise me this time, at least in dreams,
Promise me you will stay this time.



  1. A sad and hopeful one... well written.

    1. Thank You Indrani.... Dreams can be quite a nuisance sometimes.. :)

  2. "Some say one dies a bit with every sad dream" - this line has created a wonderful effect in the poem.