Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eyes are a-flame...

Eyes are a-flame…
My art

Yesterday I met you in my dreams,
Everything remained the same ..
My heart fluttered like a butterfly,
When your lips made mine their aim.
You left me crying, pleas remained unheard; 
My eyes were a-flame.

Today I met you in my dreams…
I remained your self-same song,
One you forgot half-way along.
All the while in my ears it rang,
Tumbling with the self-same love.
But away you flew, unaware
That my eyes were a-flame.

Tomorrow if I meet you in my dreams,
Will I remain the same and would you?
The winter is cruel but the nights are long.
Will we sing our self-same song?
Or would that feeble thread snap,
The one I thought remained strong;
The one that binds our hearts as one?

These I know are not just dreams,
But your love that I yearn for and miss.
They have come to me, I am sure..
To kindle that self-same pang 
So my eyes remain a-flame, all along.

---Preethi Venugopal


  1. How beautifully woven words! Really touching! You are a master of all!

    1. Thank You Sindhu for that sweet comment... I am working hard to prove I rightly deserve your Versatile Blogger Award