Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some house keeping tutorials for the would be Domestic goddess !!!

Thought I will share some tutorial Youtube videos that has helped me a lot in my daily housekeeping chores in the house.

1) How to pess a pair of trousers like a professional:

2) How to fold a T shirt in easily

This helps me lots...:)

3) How to fold socks and stack it properly:

This is another tutorial I find most useful. No more running in search of the correct pair every morning.Helps me keep the socks properly paired.

4) Towel Folding

5) How to fold a shirt like a professional:

This easy and detailed tutorial helps you to fold shirt like a professional easily using a card board or magazine
 .Sorry ,they don't give the embed option.

How to fold a shirt like a professional

6) How to press a shirt Properly like a professional

7) Being a bit artistic with your bath towels:

Hope you enjoyed all the tutorials .... domestic goddesses...!!!

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