Monday, July 1, 2013

Tulips and symbolism


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Like all flowers, Tulips too have symbolism associated with it.
Each color Tulip gives out a specific message.

The Yellow Tulips represents cheerful thoughts and says "there is a sunshine in your smile".

The red ones are associated with true or perfect love and says " believe me".

Pink ones represent  affection and caring and says " I care for you".

Cream ones say "I will love you forever".

Purple symbolizes Royalty and Wealth.

Orange tulips symbolize energy, enthusiasm, desire and passion.

Variegated Tulips say " You have beautiful eyes".

White symbolizes purity,heaven and newness.

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There are many love stories associated with Tulips.

A Turkish legend talks about a love story of a prince named Farhad. He loved a beautiful maiden called Shirin. Their love was not to be and Shirin was killed by those who opposed the match. Prince Farhad was crushed by grief and killed himself riding over the edge of a cliff. Legend goes that  red tulips bloomed in places where his blood fell. Thus red Tulips came to symbolize perfect love.

My favorite color Tulips are the yellow ones. I like to be cheerful.
What is yours?

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  1. I love pink tulips and white ones too :) They are so soothing and pleasant.