Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two explanations to recurring dreams

A dream..A digital creation by me

Dreams often enchant us, but they can be quite a nuisance, if they keep repeating. We often cant explain these dreams and that, will leave us frustrated.
I had a similar problem and I  surfed the internet for possible interpretations and probable causes behind it.

What I found can be classified into 2 categories.

1) A psychological explanation:

We get recurring dreams, when there has not been a closure, to a particular event or fear in your life.
Such dreams usually carry many important messages to the dreamer. Often these dreams are triggered by, some day to day issues that keep coming back; some transitions your life is undergoing or some fears which has not been settled.
If you analyse these dreams and the times you get them, they definitely will have a pattern. They may recur daily, once a week or monthly once. The dreams too will have a pattern. These dreams will tell you about some of the fears you are battling with or the One particular event you have never come to terms with.

  • Use of affirmations or self hynosis can solve your problems to an extent.
  • Keep a diary of events and note your dreams. See whether there is a connection. Mostly there will be.
  • Seek help from a psychologist or hypnotist.

2)A spiritual explanation: 

Dr Brian L Weiss M.D a renowned psychologist and past life expert is of the opinion that we sometimes see our past lives in our dreams. If we are getting recurring dreams they definitely have a message for us.

Our souls comes to earth and lives many lives. Some events or trauma gets imprinted into the soul memory so deep, that this effects the many lives that follow.

In his book Many masters, Many Lives he describes the many past lives his client catherine had .She gets healed after she undergoes past life regression sessions.

For me, the healing came through such a session and my deams have now stopped altogether.

The concept that your guardian angels  or guides are giving you messages, through these dreams is another explanation. Through these dreams, they are instructing you to focus on those specific areas where you are having trouble or the things you need to avoid. Each one of us have a guardian angel to help us. We only need to listen to them.


  • Calm yourself down before you sleep. Say a prayer remembering the best things that happened during the day and thank in advance for a good sleep. Pray to your god to protect you from these recurring dreams and meditate before you sleep.
  • Creating a Reiki protection pyramid around you while you sleep is also an effective approach.
  • Go for a past life regression.
  • Get an angel reading done.

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